Celebrating 10 years of Modular-Lab

2006 - Modular-Lab Standard - The beginning

In 2006 a group of young and innovative chemists and technicians started developing a new approach to automated radiosynthesis. Where other systems required a lot of space and were non-expandable, the all-new Modular-Lab Standard used a modular basis for combination of synthesis parts according to individual requirements of each nuclear medicine lab.

Combined with an intuitive and self-explaining software radiochemists were now able to conduct and develop syntheses according to their needs and ideas.

Within the first year of its presentation more than ten systems were sold. Number 10 was sold to the PET centre at King's College London, who gave an interview to us just recently.

2007 - First systems installed in Australia, Asia and North America

Within the first two years since the introduction of Modular-Lab Standard, several systems have been installed not only in Europe, but also in North America, Asia and Australia.

2008 - 100th Modular-Lab system sold

Modular-Lab Standard No.100 is installed in Bethesda, USA.

2009 - Modular-Lab PharmTracer - A new solution for routine production

Only three years after the introduction of the tubed Modular-Lab, in 2009, Eckert & Ziegler presents the Modular-Lab PharmTracer. With the increasing demand for GMP compliant routine production a new synthesis system using sterile, disposable cassettes was developed on the basis of Modular-Lab Standard. Using the cassette-based system avoids cross-contamination and allows routine production waiving necessary cleaning routines. Several cassettes for production of different tracers on one system are available.

2011 - Modular-Lab No.250 sold and first system installed in South America

Modular-Lab expands to South America as a hospital in Sao Paolo, BR buys the first Modular-Lab PharmTracer on the South American continent. Furthermore the 250th system, a PharmTracer as well, has been installed in London, UK.

2011 - Modular-Lab MicroCell - Innovation in shielding

Increasing requirements for laboratory shielding to reduce hand doses and irradiation of users, especially in routine production, lead to the idea of combining the PharmTracer synthesizer and a hot cell, to save lab space. This idea of a self-shielded system for the growing Ga-68 market gave the basis for Modular-Lab MicroCell as an alternative to a conventional hot cell.

2013 - Modular-Lab eazy - Minimum space. Maximum Efficiency.

The most recent offspring of the Modular-Lab family set new standards in terms of size and usability. With a footprint smaller than an A4 sheet probably the smallest automated synthesis system on the market, Modular-Lab eazy is the ideal solution for smaller laboratories. Following the preparation steps and clicking in the cassette makes the system ready for synthesis of different Theranostics tracers in few moments.

Using a cassette-based concept, cross-contamination will be avoided even when working with different tracers. The introduction of a barcode verifying every cassette faciliates GMP compliant routine production by avoiding wrong or double use of cassettes.

2015 - Modular-Lab expands to Cuba and New Zealand

A hospital in Auckland, NZ as well as a an institute in Havana, CU decide for a ML eazy synthesizer including analytical HPLC.  

2016 - 10 successful years and more than 450 systems installed worldwide

Referring to its symbolic baptism in September 2006 Modular-Lab will become 10 years in September 2016. At this time more than 450 automated synthesis systems of the Modular-Lab family will be sold and installed in more than 35 countries world-wide.

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20xx - The future starts now

The state-of-the-art automated synthesis systems for research, routine production or both will continue their way towards 500 worldwide installed systems. Facing new developments within nuclear medicine and molecular imaging the Modular-Lab family will grow and further improve to offer optimal and tailored solutions for all needs, not only by extending the available tracer portfolio.



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