Modular-Lab Analytical Equipment

Modular-Lab Analytical Equipment for your quality control - an analytical HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography). that can be directly connected to any already existing Modular-Lab system and is fully controlled by and integrated into the Modular-Lab Software.

For many tracers now the quality control of radiopharmaceuticals by HPLC-analysis is available with Modular-Lab, but also customized solutions for your analytical problems can be developed. Ready-to-go routines, tested and validated (also with PQ at site) are installed and with the easy to learn software the operators can well handle the system after the included training.

The Modular-Lab Analytical HPLC Module is the easy and low-cost possibility for HPLC-analyses of radiolabeled compounds. By focusing on radiolabeled compounds the setup is smaller and less expensive than a commercial full scale analytical HPLC. Various analysis processes for the most used radiolabeled compounds are programmed and tested by Eckert & Ziegler Eurotope GmbH. The multi functionality of the system allows routine analysis for PET tracers based on the nuclides F-18, C-11, Ga-68 and also for beta emitting nuclides as Y-90 or Lu-177.

The Modular-Lab Analytical HPLC Module is controlled with the Modular-Lab software. All analysis data are saved in the same or the same type of protocol as the synthesis data itself.

Modular-Lab Analytical HPLC

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