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The continuously increasing numbers of cyclotrons as well as the developments in the generator field over the last decade show the increasing interest and importance of radiopharmaceuticals in the medical domain, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The Radiopharma business segment is a specialist in the field of molecular imaging and nuclear medicine supplying different radiopharmaceuticals, radiochemicals and related equipment for the synthesis and radiochromatography of PET/SPECT tracers and other radioisotopes.
We bundle resources, expertise, technologies and products and are thus able to meet the challenges in this promising and fast-developing field by offering adequate products and solutions. Our customers have access to an all-in-one-solution consisting of: cyclotron sites, synthesis technology, GMP compliant production facilities and access to research cyclotrons.

We offer three product categories: Radiosynthesis TechnologyRadiochromatography and Radionuclides.

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Radiosynthesis Technology

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