Special Projects



The nuclear medicine-based fields of isotope product manufacture, Positron Emission Tomography, are in a state of continuous evolution and change. CNL Scientific Resources, assisted by business and technical specialists in diverse areas such as materials sciences, aerospace, information technologies and medicine, provides product development and technology marketing services to support clients in these ever-changing environments.

Consulting Services

For a more in-depth level of support, CNLSR provides business development consulting services, led by disciplinary specialists and recognized industry experts with experience in isotope technology intelligence, licensing and commercial distribution, worldwide. Radiopharmaceutical applications are helping countless doctors, healthcare professionals, and scientific researchers, diagnose and treat many forms of cancer. For cancer patients, these radioactive substance-containing drugs can also help alleviate and decrease cancer related pain, particularly in cases of bone related cancers.
Sample Engagements

  • Provided Radiopharmaceutical materials sourcing for startup manufacturing firms.
  • Conducted a commercial market study for a leading European manufacturer of radiation area monitors and health physics equipment.
  • Created and managed an international manufacturing venture to improve component quality and lower cost for photovoltaic (solar) energy systems.


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