Mick TP/TPV Applicator System
The Mick TP Applicator uses Manchester source placement principles and allows for seed placement adjustments during the implant in order to adapt to changes of the prostate position and size. When attached to an implanted Mick TP Needle, the applicator allows for seeds to be inserted individually per pre-plan or real-time technique. Treatment modifications can be done on the spot and without interruptions.

Like the Mick TP Applicator, the Mick TPV Applicator enables enhanced seed placement adjustability. Additionally, the design of the Mick TPV Applicator allows for instantaneous seed spacing selections of 12 mm, 11 mm, 10 mm, 8 mm, 7.5 mm and a neutral position “N”. The neutral position disengages the clicking mechanism to prevent needle displacement while resetting the template ring.

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