Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee (GEC) brings together the executives of the most important segments. It includes the members of the Executive Board as well as senior managers from other business units.
The GEC prime tasks and responsibilities are the provision of ongoing information on business developments and particular transactions, regular review of business segments, consultation with and furnishing advice to the Executive Board on strategic decisions and preparation of decisions to be made by the Executive Board.

Dr. Andreas Eckert
Chairman of the Executive Board

Dr. Harald Hasselmann
Member of the Executive Board
Segment Medical (Distribution)

Dr. Lutz Helmke
Member of the Executive Board
Segment Medical (Operations)

Jutta Ludwig
Member of the Executive Board
Asia Business

Dr. Hakim Bouterfa
Member of the Executive Board
Head of Clinical Development

Dr. Gunnar Mann
Intragroup Services

Franklin B. Yeager
Segment Isotope Products

Ana Ramirez
Segment Isotope Products

Joe Hathcock
Segment Isotope Products