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Dr. Harald Hasselmann
Chaiman of the Executive Board (CEO)

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Jutta Ludwig
Member of the Executive Board
Asia Business

Frank Yeager
Member of the Executive Board
Segment Isotope Products

Eckert & Ziegler headquarter in Berlin-Buch

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Radiation source for calibrating diagnostic cameras

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Preparation of a radiation source for shipment

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Quality control of documents before shipment

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Assembling of radiation sources in a shielded production box 

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Sources for testing radioactive measuring devices (e.g., in monitoring radiation protection areas)

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Holders for Krypton-85 radiation sources

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A range of Krypton-85 products for thickness measuring

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Packaging of Nickel-63 radiation sources, which are used in security industry
for bomb and drug detection

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Inactive titanium tubes are checked visually before being given their radioactive charge

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Seed strand in a shielded magazine and a cutting and needle loading device

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Ruthenium applicator for treating eye cancer

I-125 Ophthalmic Seeds (left) and COMS Applicators (right)
for treating eye cancer

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Seed strand in a shielded magazine and a cutting and needle loading device

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Iodine seeds are delivered in radiation-proof transportation containers

Production line for low-level radioactive sources against cancer

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Implantation of seeds into the prostate

Modular Lab PharmTracer – cassette-based synthesis system for the production of radiolabeled compounds

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