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Eckert & Ziegler: Choosing the IBt Bebig Temporary Brachytherapy solution MultiSource® HDR Co-60 afterloader

Berlin, 6 October 2009. Belgian Medical Device Company International Brachytherapy S.A. (IBt Bebig), a portfolio company of Eckert & Ziegler AG (ISIN DE0005659700) has completed the installation of a MultiSource® Co-60 HDR (High Dose Rate) afterloader equipment in the Vajira Hospital in Bangkok, Thaïland. This center represents the 100th medical center in the world that has opted for the temporary brachytherapy solution proposed by IBt Bebig to treat certain types of cancer by internal irradiation.

The Vajira Hospital in Bangkok is expecting to use this irradiator to primarily treat gynecological, breast and neck cancer tumors. Dr Thanatip Tantivatana, Head of Division of Radiation Oncology, has declared: "After a thorough analysis and comparison of the different technologies proposed, we have chosen the MultiSource® HDR brachytherapy afterloader of IBt Bebig because of its unique technology using a miniaturized Co-60 source and the associated very efficient, low treatment cost."

The MultiSource® Co-60 High Dose Rate afterloader equipment manufactured by IBt Bebig is now being in use in more than 20 countries around the world. "This installation represents an important symbolic milestone for the group. It is also a strong indication of the increased level of recognition and of the value of our world unique Co-60 irradiation source technology", commented Mr. François Blondel, CEO of IBt Bebig. "We are now expecting to significantly expand our market coverage over the next two to three years and proceed, over this time frame, with the installation of an additional 100 afterloaders HDR temporary brachytherapy machines, generating in excess of 20 million EUR of revenues for the group", he added.

The MultiSource® is a medical device equipment that allows to perform the temporary brachytherapy treatment of cancers. Using a radioactive source (either Ir-192 or Co-60) contained and shielded in a trolley, catheters are inserted by the physician into the body and allow for a "temporary implant" to be positioned directly inside the tumor ("remote afterloading" technique). IBt Bebig develops, produces, and sells radiation-technology products for the treatment of cancer, in particular prostate cancer, worldwide. The company with its approx. 150 employees is market leader in Europe for weak radioactive prostate cancer implants. The company's head office is in Brussels, the main production site is in Berlin. Eckert & Ziegler holds almost 40% of the economic shares of the company and 29.9% of the voting rights in the annual general meeting. Eckert & Ziegler owns an option for another 21% of the annual general meeting's voting rights. Eckert & Ziegler AG is one of the world's largest providers of isotope component technology for radiation therapy and nuclear medicine and has approx. 520 employees. For the current year, the company expects sales of approx. EUR 100 million and earnings per share of approx. EUR 1.80.

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