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Isotope Products Laboratories: License Agreement Settles Compensation Claim Suit

Berlin, 13 March 2006. The American companies International Isotopes Inc. and Radqual LLC have acquired several licenses from the Californian company Isotope Products Laboratories Inc. (IPL) to reproduce radioactive sources for nuclear medical imaging as part of a court settlement. In return, the Californian subsidiary of Eckert & Ziegler AG (ISIN DE0005659700) dropped its compensation claims suit. This agreement was signed in America at the beginning of March. IPL had filed a suit against the two companies and against former employees of the DuPont radioactive source division after they recently offered a series of radioactive components which had until this time been produced by IPL and DuPont. IPL claimed that it had acquired the exclusive rights to these products in 2001 with its takeover of the DuPont radioactive source division. As part of the settlement it was agreed that this production would take place in the future under a licensing agreement with IPL. Notification to this effect was issued by the defendant companies; otherwise the parties agreed confidentiality as to the licensing conditions.

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