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Eckert & Ziegler: annual turnover for 2001 up by nearly 40%. Additions to the Managing Board at NEMOD Immuntherapie AG

(Ad hoc press release)

Berlin, 24 January 2002. According to preliminary calculations, Eckert & Ziegler AG - a specialist for sources of weak radioactive rays - ended the 2001 business year with turnover of EUR 32.8 million. The company from Pankow thus not only increased its turnover by 39% as compared to the previous year, but also clearly exceeded its own sales projections of EUR 30 million. Based on preliminary, uncertified analysis, the Managing Board also expects to attain the projected target of approx. EUR 1 per share. The final, certified figures will be made public on 27 March.

Cancer treatment products demonstrated the greatest organic growth, increasing 51% to (EUR 5.9 million). A small share of the growth in the industrial (EUR 12.3 million, + 64%) and nuclear imaging (EUR 10.4 million, + 18%) sectors, on the other hand, was still a result of acquisitions. Cardiology underwent strong growth, especially in the second half-year, increasing turnover by 29% to a total of EUR 3.1 million.

As part of the expansion of the Eckert & Ziegler biotechnology segment, the management team at NEMOD Immuntherapie AG was expanded at the beginning of the year to include two new board members. In the future, Dr. Andreas Hey, an investment manager with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, will be responsible for the New Business Development department. Dr. Ronald Linke, formerly responsible for strategic marketing at Schering (among other things), will be taking over the new Clinical Inspections division.

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