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Eckert & Ziegler with Record Results in Sales and Profits. New Projections till 2003

(Ad hoc press release)

Berlin, 28/03/2001. In the previous fiscal year, Eckert & Ziegler AG, specialist for low-level radioactive medical components, achieved the best result in the history of the company with sales growing by 140% to just under 24 mio. EUR. According to the consolidated income statement published on Wednesday for 2000, earnings before taxes in accordance with US GAAP rose to more than 2.5 mio. EUR. The year before, the Pankow-based company had reached only 21,000 EUR. The after-tax result for 2000 is 1.3 mio. EUR which is equivalent to earnings per share of 0.4 EUR. The balance sheet total of the company doubled to 50 mio. EUR, due to, among other factors, investments amounting to roughly 20 mio. EUR. Besides new production plants and shareholdings, they also included the acquisition of the Radiation Sources Business of the American DuPont Pharmaceuticals Corporation. For the latter, Eckert & Ziegler had placed a capital increase of approx. 18 mio. EUR in summer. The rest could be covered through the cash flow from the operating business, which reached 14% of sales, and through raising a net credit of 2 mio. EUR. The equity ratio in the fiscal year rose from 52 to 64%, liquid assets compared with the key date of the previous year from four to 7% of the balance sheet total. "Without the cancellation of a large order which had already been completed and the termination of the strategic alliance associated with it, earnings before taxes in 2000 would have been substantially higher since this resulted in a deficit in payment of 2,5 mio. US$", explained the Chairman of the Board of the company, Dr. Andreas Eckert. "Instead we are now ex-pecting a larger one-time compensation payment for 2001, that will increase our earnings before taxes (EBIT) to approx. 6 mio. EUR. Sales in the current fiscal year will now amount to roughly 30 mio. EUR. In the following years up to 2003, we expect annual growth rates of 30 % in EBIT and sales."

The Board of Directors