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Eckert & Ziegler Q3/2016: Rise in Radiopharma segment income keeps the Group on track. Positive outlook for 2017.

Berlin, 3 November 2016. Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG (ISIN DE 0005659700), a specialist for isotope-based applications in medicine, science and industry headquartered in Berlin, achieved sales of € 103.1 million in the nine months from January to September 2016. The sales figures were almost exactly on par with the prior-year level of € 102.7 million. Currency effects and acquisitions did not play much of a role; the slight was largely based on organic growth.

The sharpest rise in sales of € 3.0 million, or 12 %, to € 29.3 million was posted by the Radiopharma segment due to the continuing growth of pharmaceutical radioisotopes. The Isotope Products segment saw sales rise by € 1.2 million, or 2 %, to € 58.2 million. As expected, sales in the Radiation Therapy segment, on the other hand, declined by € 3.9 million, or 18 %, to € 17.8 million following the prior year’s disposal of two divisions.

Group earnings per share fell by € 0.27, or 19 %, year on year to € 1.43. This amount is slightly higher than planned; as a result, the Executive Board is confident that earnings per share for the full year will amount to € 1.80 as forecast. Eliminating the losses for 2016 that arose from the winding-down of a Californian subsidiary, earnings per share amounted to € 1.47, that is to say € 0.04 more per share.

The scheduled decline in profits by nearly 20% was due to the € 6.4 million drop in extraordinary income which stood at a record figure of € 8.8 million in the prior year as a result of, among other things, the sale of an investment (OctreoPharm Sciences).

Excluding extraordinary effects and the financial result for both periods, and including the discontinued operations, there has been a significant improvement in the results of operations. While sales remained more or less unchanged, the Group’s gross margin rose by € 2.1 million and administrative and selling expenses fell by € 3.0 million. The disposals of loss-bringer operations and the closure of unprofitable subsidiaries enabled the Group to reduce its cost base by a total of € 5.4 million, or 5 % of sales, within a period of twelve months.

In 2017 earnings are expected to grow and could exceed € 2.00 per share, assuming that exchange rates remain stable and excluding acquisitions and the sale of divisions. Sales of just under € 150 million are expected.

The complete quarterly financial statements can be viewed here.

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