Isotrak Calibration Sources

The Isotrak™ Product Line is part of Eckert & Ziegler's 'Isotope Products Business Segment' and provides high quality radioactive reference sources and solutions for the checking and calibration of radiation measurement instruments. They are manufactured at E&Z Isotope Products in Valencia, USA, E&Z Analytics in Atlanta, USA, and E&Z Nuclitec in Braunschweig, Germany.




Health physics

This section contains details of reference and check sources as well as solutions for the confident calibration of radiation measurement instruments helping to meet regulatory requirements in environmental monitoring and health physics. Our reference sources and solutions, manufactured and calibrated at DAkkS accredited laboratories in the USA and Germany are traceable to NIST as well.


This section shows a selected range of state-of-the-art instruments like Automess Teletectors and the Beta Secondary Standard 2.

Education & training

This section gives detailed information about products to support training in radiation protection, applications of radioactivity and handling radioactive materials. The AktivLab™  has been designed  to demonstrate the basic properties of radioactivity. Alpha, beta and gamma sources have been also specifically designed for education purposes and training sessions.

Calibration services

This section summarises our offers to calibrate radiation measurement instruments and to perform sample measurements in our DAkkS (former DKD) accredited Measurement Laboratory in Braunschweig, Germany.

The main product categories are accessible via the menu on the left side and contain product information about:

Information about our Calibration Services and Cross Check Programs can be found in these sections.

For General Technical Information about sealed radioactive sources please see the section concerned or further general information.

We co-operate with various partner companies world wide which distribute our isotrak products in your country. Please see this section to check for your local distributor information.

We are working on a new digital catalogue combining the products of all our productions sites. Please use our single catalogues until their availability.

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