Leakage and contamination tests

Stringent tests for leakage are an essential feature of radioactive sources production. They are based on the current version of ISO9978. Some standard methods used for testing radiation sources are listed below.

All leakage tests for Eckert & Ziegler Nuclitec (EZN) sources are performed according to the current version of ISO9978.

Wipe test I (A)

Immersion test II (L)

Bubble test III (D)

Emanation test IV

The source is wiped with a swab or tissue, moistened with ethanol or water; the activity removed is measured.

The source is immersed in a suitable liquid at 50°C for 4 hours and the activity removed is measured.

The source is immersed in water or a suitable liquid and the pressure in the vessel reduced to 25-15 kPa. No bubbles must be observed. (This test conforms to ISO9978 exept that for sources, the 100mm3 free volume requirement is not met).

The source is placed in a gas tight enclosure with a suitable absorber and is left there for at least 3h. The source is considered leak tight when not more than 200 Bq Radon related to a collection time of 12h can be measured afterwards.

Limit 200Bq

Limit 200Bq

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