Teletector 6112M (manufactured by Automess GmbH, Germany)

Teletector 6112B is still available

Telescoping Dose Rate Meter - Microprocessor controlled dose rate meter with telescope to measure gamma radiation and detect beta radiation.

Product description

The Teletector 6112M is a portable battery operated dose rate meter to
measure photon radiation (gamma and X-radiation), and to detect beta
radiation. Two GM counter tubes serve as detectors. The stainless
steel telescope can extend up to four meters and its tip carries the
two tubes. The tubes are placed along the axis one behind the other;
a groove marks the center of each tube. The low End tube detects beta
radiation and together with the high end tube the Teletector covers
a dose range from 10 μR/h to 1000 R/h (0.1 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h), where it
automatically switches between the two tubes.

The Teletector 6112M simultaneously measures dose rate, dose, dose rate
mean value, standard deviation of mean value, and dose rate maximum
value. A fully graphic liquid crystal display shows all the information.
Four keys allow the user to select functions from a menu, where
the display always describes the current function of all keys. Three
preprogrammed languages are available (English, French and German).
Along with the current function, the display always shows some important
parameters in a status line: battery condition, detector in use (low or high range),
date, time and whether alarm thresholds have been exceeded.

The loudspeaker allows single pulse detection. In case of contamination,
the speaker may easily be replaced without having to open the
A non-volatile memory storesall settings when switching the
Teletector off or when replacing the batteries. The real time clock keeps
date and time.

The Teletector 6112M has three operation modes the user can select:

  • 6112M mode: This mode offers the widest scope of functions.
  • 6150AD mode: This mode makes operation very similar to operating
    an AUTOMESS 6150AD5/6 survey rate meter. Only the 6150AD5/6
    functions will be available.
  • Fire brigade mode: In this mode the Teletector only indicates dose rate,
    other functions are not available. The dose rate alarm threshold is fixed
    at 2.5 mR/hr (25 μSv/h). This mode is particularly intended for use by fire


  • Illuminated fully graphic LCD for analog and digital display of the measured value.
  • Measuring  quantity:PhotonDose EquivalentRateHx.
  • Safetyby distance: telescope extendible up to 4 m total.
  • Wide dose raterange from 10 µR/hto 1000 R/h (0.1 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h.
  • Display units:Roentgen(R), Sievert(Sv) or Gray (Gy).
  • Automatic range switching, time constants adjustable.
  • Simultaneous measurement of dose rate, dose, dose rate mean value.
  • Programmable dose rateand dose alarm threshold.
  • Storageof up to 450 measurements including location, dose rate, time, duration and standard deviation of measurement.
  • Serialtransferof current measurement and stored measurements to a PC. Easy processing of these data with standard Windows Software.
  • Low power consumption (approx. 100 operating hours with 4 alkaline C cells).

Ordering Information

Product Code

Teletector 6112M


Aluminum case 6605.22


Mini earphone 865.1.4 with ear clip and cable


Probe cover 6112B-142, transparent plastic foil, 4m length


Connecting cable 6112M – PC 865.1.3 (DB-9 COMx) 3m length


WinCom Software LS05-003


Product maintenance, Repairs, Parts and Calibration are available for all Teletectors

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