Environmental Measurements Laboratories

This inter-laboratory cross-check program provides blind samples at environmental levels on a quarterly basis at concentrations that permit an evaluation of your analytical accuracy. The table below summarizes sample matrices and radionuclide combinations routinely available on a quarterly basis. Gamma-ray emitters include mixed-activation products with half-lives greater than seven days. Activity listed is per radionuclide. Contact Analytics for information on special orders and custom configurations.

There is a minimum of four samples per shipment. An additional fee will apply for less than 4 items per shipment.

Reporting Procedures
Sample price includes comparison report with one result per sample. Comparison reports for multiple results (eg. detectors, shelves, etc.) are available at an additional cost. You will receive a report within 15 work days from our receipt of your results. The known values along with client values are tabulated with the ratios of the known to reported values. Since data quality objectives vary among laboratories, no pass/fail criteria are used.

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