Recycling and Disposal of Sources and other Radioactive Materials

The team at Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services Ltd has been providing safe and cost effective solutions for the disposal and recycling of redundant radioactive materials for over 20 years.
Where possible we recycle sources providing a safe and compliant service that demonstrates good environmental practice to both our customers and the regulators.
We recycle sources at Eckert & Ziegler’s facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic or through one of our partner’s in mainland Europe or USA.

  • High Active Sealed Source (HASS) estimates to comply with financial provisions of the HASS Regulations;
  • Disposal of HASS, sealed sources and other radioactive material;
  • Recycling / reuse of HASS and other sealed sources including Am-241, Am-241/Be, Cs-137 and Kr-85;
  • Recycling of Tritium and Depleted Uranium;
  • Recycling of Uranium and Thorium compounds;
  • Removal and recycling of irradiators;
  • Recycling Am-241 smoke detectors from all manufacturers;
  • Source repatriation to the manufacturer or country of origin.


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