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Eckert & Ziegler: Steady Growth also for 1st Half of 2011

Berlin, August 02, 2011. The second quarter 2011 developed again successful for the Eckert & Ziegler Group (ISIN DE0005659700), a specialist for isotope applications in medicine, science and industry. The revenue was exceeded slightly compared with the second quarter of 2010 and the profit after taxes and minorities rose by 13%. Together with the stronger first quarter of 2011 the best half-year results in the history of the company are produced. The revenue increased by 5% to EUR 55.8 million compared with the first six months of the previous year. The EBIT rose by 19% to EUR 11.9 million and the results after taxes and minorities increased by 28% to EUR 6.6 million. Earnings per share for the first half-year in 2011 are EUR 1.26 per share.

The Isotope Products segment accounts for the greatest share of the total results. The revenue rose by 9% here. All product categories recorded growth. In the ratio to the revenue the costs only increased less than proportionate owing to economies of scale. Thus, EBIT could be increased by 19%.

The Radiopharma segment recorded the strongest growth. Increases were also achieved here in all product lines. In total the segment increased the half-year revenue by 25% to EUR 12.4 million. Particularly pleasing in this context is the group-wide maximum gross profits of 60% so that here, even more than in the segment Isotope Products, a large part of the growth in revenue is reflected in the profits.

The Radiation Therapy segment (previously: Therapy) could not as expected achieve the record revenue of the previous year. In 2010, profits from a one-time sale to Russia gave a boost to earnings. Comparable are therefore only the figures within the year 2011. The revenue remained almost constant compared with the previous quarter. It was nevertheless possible to increase the profit as the sales and management costs fell. Detailed statements relating to the Radiation Therapy segment can be taken from the semi-annual report of Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG S.A. (previously: IBt S.A.) which is published at the same time (www.bebig.eu). In the Profit and Loss segment there are smaller shifts and valuation differences between the Eckert & Ziegler Group and the BEBIG financial statements which are presented in the table below.

The revenue with external customers is constant compared with the previous year in the Environmental Services segment. As however orders are also placed within the Group and moreover costs were saved there are no losses suffered any more as opposed to the previous year.

For the fiscal year 2011 the revenue target is EUR 110 to 120 million. The Board of Directors reinforces its profit forecast of EUR 2.00 per share (results after taxes and minorities >EUR 10 million). By the end of 2014 the board of directors is expecting a profitable increase in sales to around EUR 200 million per year.

With around 560 employees the Eckert & Ziegler Group belongs to the largest providers of isotope components for radiation therapy and nuclear medicine worldwide.