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Eckert & Ziegler: positive start to the year 2015

Berlin, 05 May 2015. Berlin-based Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG (ISIN DE0005659700), a specialist for isotope technology applications in medicine, science and industry, saw double-digit percentage increases in sales and earnings in the first quarter of 2015.

Sales rose by 11 % to € 34.0 million mainly due to currency effects. EBIT climbed by a disproportionately high amount of € 1.8 million, or 59 %, to € 4.8 million. This resulted in a 68 % rise in profit for the period to € 2.7 million or € 0.51 per share.

The Isotope Products segment benefited the most from the weak euro, while also recording a positive acquisition effect. This caused sales to rise by 10 % to € 16.0 million. However, these effects did not result in any increase in profit, meaning that EBIT remained constant at € 3.7 million.

The Radiation Therapy segment fell short of average development in the past year. However, the situation improved in the first quarter of 2015. Implant sales rose organically, above and beyond currency effects. Afterloader sales may have declined, but the recently obtained approval for the new SagiNova® equipment offers potential for a major rise in sales here. Due to restructuring measures and a positive currency effect, EBIT came in at break even according to the 2015 plan.

The Radiopharma segment was the shining light of our business, recording further sales growth in the equipment division and with the new gallium generators. It also benefited from the currency effects. Figures even exceeded the disproportionately strong first quarter of 2014 by a considerable margin, with EBIT rising by 21 % to € 1.4 million.

The Others segment successfully reduced the loss in the waste disposal division through price increases, while a rise in costs allocated to other segments led to a break-even result at the holding company. All in all, the segment’s losses were cut by half year on year. EBIT increased by € 0.4 million to € –0.5 million.

Cash flow from operating activities was much improved year on year at € 0.6 million (first quarter of 2014: €1.7 million). However, cash flow from operating activities was lower than the pleasing profit for the period suggests. The main reasons for this were the reduction of liabilities and provisions and the processing of advance payments. In addition, the profit for the period includes non-cash income offsetting depreciation of € 1.5 million, which was largely attributable to currency effects.

In the 2015 fiscal year, sales of more than € 133 million are expected and net profit will likely exceed the amount of € 1.71 per share.

The complete quarterly financial statements can be viewed here.

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Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG (ISIN DE0005659700), with approximately 700 employees, is one the world’s largest providers of isotope technology for radiation therapy and nuclear medicine.
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