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Medicine Technology in the Focus of the Financial Community

Successful Enterprises in the Medtech Industry Present Themselves to International Analysts and Investors in Berlin

For the third time, the Berlin MedTech Day is to be held in Berlin on January 27th 2003. Seven enterprises listed on the stock market will be presenting themselves to international analysts and investors at the event sponsored by the Deutsche Bank Berlin and the TSBmedici. In addition to aap Implantate, biolitec, Eckert & Ziegler, WaveLight Laser Technologie and World of Medicine, who already appeared at the successful event last year, Carl Zeiss Meditec and PULSION Medical Systems, too, will be present this year.

On the stock markets, the year 2002 was affected by the general worldwide economic downturn. The companies of the medical engineering industry have not been able to escape this trend completely. The performance of the Medtech Index altogether has, however been considerably better than that of the Neuer Markt overall – it even beat out the Biotech Index. In this connection, the one-day industry event will be providing specific information on business developments and the new strategic orientations of the participating enterprises. Berlin, as a center of medical engineering, is the ideal venue for MedTech Day.

aap Implantate AG is specialized in the development, production and marketing of innovative implants for the muscular-skeletal system. biolitec AG is a specialist in photodynamic therapy and medical lasers. The enterprise is the only supplier of photodynamic therapy worldwide which has expertise in all the key areas – photosensitizers, lasers, and light-wave conductors. Carl Zeiss Meditec AG is among the leading all-round suppliers worldwide for ophthalmological equipment and systems Eckert & Ziegler AG is a leading manufacturer of innovative heart and cancer remedies. The isotope specialist also works in the area of nuclear medicine. PULSION Medical Systems AG is a life-science enterprise operating on a worldwide basis and providing low-invasive and non-invasive patient-monitoring and diagnosis systems. WaveLight Laser Technologie AG develops, produces and sells innovative laser products for medical and esthetic/surgical applications as well as for industrial applications. W.O.M. World of Medicine AG, with its medical-technology equipment, is one of the forerunners in minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

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